Canvas Edition

Limited Edition of 15, Signed and Numbered, Giclee on Canvas (33 x 21 inches)
The Burning of Chambersburg -- July 30, 1864

Painted by Ron Lesser, the original oil painting (41"x27") was commissioned by F&M Trust for the 2004 Commemoration of the 140th Anniversary of the Burning of Chambersburg in July 1864.
Left to right is the Franklin Hall, the Courthouse, and the Crawford Building.
The figures shown left to right are Major Harry Gilmor, a Confederate officer, Brig. Gen. John McCausland C.O., Brig. Gen Bradley T. Johnson (2nd in command), Capt. Henry Fitzhugh, two color bearers and trooper.
Flags are the 1st. Maryland Cavalry and Gen. Bradley T. Johnson`s Maryland Brigade guidon.

This Edition is SOLD OUT



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