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About Paths of the Civil War
Paths of the Civil War was conceived about three years ago as a website which would provide an exciting online community to those interested in American history. Our focus is bringing information, features, products, and people together by using the full power of the Internet.

Who We Are
Our interest in history is deep rooted. Some of us grew up near places like Gettysburg and Antietam, and Manassas. Some of us lived near Ticonderoga and Saratoga and Philadelphia. A family outing to a great historical park is right there with baseball and apple pie as a basic part of American life. Our libraries are filled with books on history. These are the common bonds that bring all the creators, partners, and contributers to Paths of History and Paths of the Civil War together.

The partners of Paths of the Civil War have diverse backgounds which will help to create a well rounded array of features and information.

See below to see some of the people involved with Paths of the Civil War.

Our "Mission"
We hope to become a favorite stop for folks on the Internet who share our interest in American History. We look forward to adding more and more "dynamic" content using powerful Internet tools to bring people, places and information together. With our great partners, we will be bringing you new products, tours, artwork and books to satisfy your interest in historical events.

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions for adding new features to Paths of the Civil War. As we expand we will be launching additional websites covering early Colonial American history and the history of the Old West. We also have some exciting products and interactive features under developement that you will be sure to find interesting.

Creative Partners
Jerry Ross
Major Contributors
Ron Lesser
Lou Clark, Piper House at Antietam
Bullet Proof Code Interactive Computer Software

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