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Civil War Memorial Roll Call


On October 10th, 1862, the Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart, 1,800 of his elite cavalry and horse artillery, raided the small town of Mercersburg, PA, during his now famous "2nd ride around" of the Union Army. Historically, this "ride around" and subsequent humiliation of the Union Army by General Stuart, was the "last straw" in a string of disappointments for President Lincoln. He relieved his Commander, Major General George McClellan, shortly thereafter . . . . . changing, some historians say, the course of the Civil War.

The Commemoration of J.E.B. Stuart's Raid through Mercersburg took place on October 12 and 13, 2002. It included a Civil War Round Table, town reenactment with cavalry and cannons, Civil War Ball, and "black-powder" skirmishes on a nearby farm.

In remembrance of the raid, and in conjunction with the planned 140th Commemoration, the Mercersburg Historical Society created a "Civil War Memorial Roll Call" for all those Americans who fought in the Civil War. In remembrance of the fathers, sons, brothers, families . . . sometimes together, sometimes as mortal enemies, but, Americans all, who fought in defense of "freedom for all", or "tradition and a way of life".

In the spirit of remembrance and reconciliation for all the Americans who served, the Historical Society asked descendants who live in the greater Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia states, who had an ancestor who fought in either the Union or Confederate Army, to send the name, company affiliation, and Army, to the Society. . . i.e., Noble McMorris, 63rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, Union Army.

These names were included on a beautifully illustrated "Memorial Roll Call" that was on display on the days of the event, and honored with a "black powder salute" on the battlefield.

The original, which was on display at the 140th Commemorative Even, is now on permanent display in the Fendrick Library, in Mercersburg, PA.

Replicas of the Memorial Roll Call (suitable for framing) are now available. They are in full-color and 11" x !4" in size.

If you are interested in purchasing a replica of the Memorial Roll Call, please send a check for $10.00 (shipping and handling included) to:

Memorial Roll Call
Box 202
Mercersburg, PA 17236

All profits go to the Fendrick Library Building Fund.