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The Event - 1862

On the morning of October 10, 1862, J.E.B. Stuart and his elite cavalry raided the town of Mercersburg.

With approximately 1,800 mounted cavalry and four 12-pounders the Confederates "commanded" the town square and emptied the shelves of local merchants. By afternoon they were gone, taking with them nine members of the greater Mercersburg community. All escaped or were released except one, who died in Libby prison.

The raid, on the surface, had only minor military importance and would have gone largely unnoticed except for the fact that the raid through Pennsylvania (behind Union lines) so embarrassed President Lincoln that he "fired" the Commander of the Union Army, Major General George McClellan.

Some historian's postulate, had McClellan headed the Army a year later at the battle of Gettysburg, the outcome might have been different and the Union's ultimate success in doubt.


The Event - 2002

In October 2002, Mercersburg is planning to commemorate the "140th Anniversary of J.E.B. Stuart's Raid on Mercersburg".

The centerpiece of this event is three Historical Paintings portraying the events of the raid.

In addition, the event will include a reenactment, a Remembrance Ball, and a Civil War Forum.

The Commemoration of this event is in keeping with Mercersburg's continuing efforts to build awareness, within and without the community, of our rich multifaceted Historical legacy. In the process, we hope to establish Mercersburg's rightful place in Pennsylvania's "Civil War" History.

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Historical Perspective on Stuart's Raid through Mercersburg
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After the Raid -- A Prisoner's Personal Account